Human Resources Management Consultancy

HR Audits

For companies that are happy to have their own in-house HR staff, but would like to see it perform better, an HR audit can be game-changing. A busy company puts daily demands on its HR team, meaning they often do not have the time to keep up to date with employment legislation, undertake further training or monitor the efficiency of their procedures (let alone implement new ones). An independent HR audit will provide a review of your human resources processes, and make any recommendations.

  • Review all your company HR procedures & suggest improvements from £300

HR Support

Sometimes, there is simply too much work for your current HR capacity. 

Contracting an outside company to provide HR support will ensure compliance with legislation and streamlined HR procedures, as well as providing advice on such things as recruitment, reward, performance and training.

Spencer Smiths HR support service includes on-site visits when necessary, and is also available on short contracts. 

  • HR support supplements the work carried out by an internal HR team from £300/month or £60/hour

HR Outsourcing

Outsourced HR services are the whole package. They are tailored to your company’s needs, so there is no standard service.

Outsourced HR includes on-site support and usually specialist HR software for managing employee records. It can cover such things as payroll, employee benefits programme and absence management.

The key advantages of HR outsourcing are cost and efficiency savings. For a large enterprise, a whole HR department with its attendant paperwork can be reduced to a single software package and on-site support when needed.

Most businesses will have HR needs that recur on a rolling-basis and might be outside your team’s expertise, especially when it comes to operating in accordance with complex employment laws. Having a retained consultant on hand to deal with these issues as they arise means they will be resolved faster and with minimal impact on your business.

These figures are only an estimate and may not reflect the final cost of HR consultancy for your business. In approximate terms, for a small business, the cost of outsourcing HR functions will start from £300 per month. For a small to medium size business Spencer Smiths offer outsourcing of HR functions from £500 per month. Larger organisations will normally pay a fixed monthly rate that will vary depending on the number of employees and services required.

Contact Spencer Smiths directly to give you a much clearer idea of the cost addressing your company’s needs.  Email in the first instance to arrange a confidential discussion.